Message from Owner “Mudita Jaipuria”

WAREHOUSE started when I wasn’t getting the outfits that I wanted to buy at the price I was willing to pay for it. I did not want to burn a whole in my pocket with each outfit that I bought, but I still wanted to look good. I always had a fascination for designer clothes as I understood the quality & perfection that goes with it. As a result, I always aspired for them. It was then, I realized that there are so many more like me, who wanted the same.

WAREHOUSE is place, where you can wear your dream outfit without running to the bank. It was the need of the hour. Everyone wants to look fabulous and wear great fashion in order to feel like a million bucks. Ever since I was in fashion school I wanted to do something different, something that would take quality merchandise to a larger audience. It was then I realized the major void in the Indian market. Fashion in India is no longer limited to the elite, it filters down all demographics depending on their spending power.

At WAREHOUSE you can buy quality merchandise under one roof, not only are you able to select from various aesthetics, you buy a quality product at fraction of a cost.



We welcome all leading and aspiring fashion designers to associate with us to showcase and sell their creations to our the growing number of Warehouse fans and followers.